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Tile flooring room scenes

Tile Flooring in Sebring, FL

Tile is a versatile flooring option and a powerful addition to homes and businesses in subtropical climates. At Cornerstone Carpet One Floor & Home in Sebring, Florida, we have you covered when it comes to tile near you. We offer wall and floor tiles, custom tile work, tile backsplashes, and natural stone tile. Our team will help you beginning to end, from finding the best tile for your space to a quality tile installation.


Types of Tile


There are three main tile types available today:

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are made using clay, sand, and other natural materials that are mixed and fired. Porcelain tile has denser clays and higher firing temperatures. The result is a durable, waterproof tile that can manage high-traffic spaces and outdoor spaces. Natural stone tile is made from rock slabs. Popular stone tiles include limestone, slate, marble, and granite. Natural stone is good for both outdoor and indoor spaces and adds a luxurious, custom appearance to your home or business.


How to Install A Tile Floor


Tile installation is a complicated process. We recommend using our professional installation team to ensure your project is done right. Incorrectly installed tile means problems down the road, like crumbling grout and mildew issues from moisture escaping below the floor. Avoid these issues by getting a quality professional installation.

You can install tile in a variety of spaces, from kitchens and baths to living rooms and beyond. Tile is popular for our humid climate as it can handle moisture without issue. We have large tiles, small tiles, mosaics, patterned options, and other styles to create the look you want to achieve in whatever room you want to install in.


Explore Our Tile Collection


Want to learn more about our tile flooring, tile installation services, and residential and commercial tile options? We encourage you to visit our local flooring store, located at 6318 US 27 North in Sebring, FL, to browse our tile displays.


Learn More About Tile


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Tile Care 101

Tile is a favorite flooring option for many because of its long-lasting durability. Learn more about keeping your new tile looking beautiful.