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What are the Advantages of Bamboo Flooring?

A relatively new flooring type, bamboo has given homeowners yet another option to choose from. Bamboo is eco-friendly and attractive, which makes it a flooring choice that is an excellent alternative to the original hardwood surface. Unlike other hardwood types that take anywhere from twenty-five to one-hundred years to reach full maturity, it only takes five to six years to regrow bamboo. For this reason, bamboo has sparked interest in the hearts of homeowners who hope to make a greener impact on the environment.


Bamboo Flooring Grain

The grain of bamboo flooring depends on what type it is. Horizontal, vertical, and strand-woven bamboo flooring types are available, with the construction varying slightly in each. Horizontal bamboo flooring has a wide grain and shows off the natural characteristics of bamboo. Vertical bamboo flooring appears less what you would imagine bamboo to look like, with more vertical lines and texture. Strand-woven bamboo seems less like traditional bamboo floors, with more strand lines and texture like that of hardwood.


Bamboo Flooring Colors

While the natural color of bamboo tends to be a golden, yellow tone, sometimes more amber colors of bamboo are available. After manufacturers subject bamboo to high heat which is called carbonization, bamboo takes on a more amber color. Staining bamboo flooring is possible, even though it is not traditional hardwood flooring. Bamboo takes on stain very similar to hardwood, so most stains are excellent no matter what the color.


How Durable are Bamboo Floors?

Bamboo is considered a grass, rather than a hardwood, but is surprisingly much harder than some hardwood floors available today. Bamboo flooring is denser than maple and oak floors, and depending on the wear layer, bamboo can be tough to scratch. With the look and feel of wood, the advantages in its durability make a strong case for investing in bamboo flooring.


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